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Abigail Browne, PA-C Spotlight

We have a new physician assistant that has joined our family here at Puget Sound Orthopaedics and her name is Abigail Browne. Abby is looking forward to working alongside Dr. Coray and she is excited to get more into sports medicine as she has been looking  into sports medicine Masters programs. Rewinding a little, Abby grew up in Connecticut and moved to Washington State with her husband where she finished her schooling at the University of Washington. Before being hired on, she was a student shadowing PSO’s team of physicians and health professionals. She loved the friendly environment she encountered and enjoyed the camaraderie between people and departments. When asked why she wanted to be a physician assistant she answered, “I wanted the opportunity to do more. I was a tech in the ER schooling and I always wanted to do and know more to help people. I was an EMT during 9/11 and hurricane Katrina but both times was unable to go help and it bugged me.” Another reason Abby wanted to dive deeper into the realm of medicine is to be able to diagnose herself; she describes herself as a sports lover but very accident-prone.

One of the sports Abby loves most is snowboarding, and during the wintertime she tries to go as much as she can. Speaking of accident-prone, she used to ski until she tore her ACL one day and now she sticks to snowboarding. On top of shredding down the snowy mountains of Washington Abby loves camping (especially out on the coast), hiking and traveling. As a history buff she loved growing up in New England and being surrounded by colonial America but the area can’t even be compared in age to what she has encountered in France. “Going to the Beaches of Normandy in France and seeing age-old cities that were devastated in World War II is quite the experience,” she tells me. Abby also enjoys spending time with her kids, watching movies and restoring a 1971 Volkswagen Beetle with her husband.

If Abby were a cartoon character she would like to be a member of the X-Men and when pressured with a specific member she tells me Storm, probably to make it snow in the mountains whenever she needs a getaway. The super human, though, would be the only person Abby would trade places with because she is enjoying right where she is in life right now and would not want to be anyone else. If she could have any job she would be doing medical missions helping those in need around the world and changing lives. If she could go anywhere for a vacation she would choose Norway to see Viking history and the Northern Lights. Luckily I don’t think Abby will be “running” off anytime too soon as she told me she took up running while in school and it is far from being her favorite activity.

We are excited to have Abby on our team and we know she is looking forward to helping you!


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