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Return of Organized Sports in Tacoma

Our local sports fans and parents have been patiently waiting to watch their favorite teams storm the fields, courts and tracks in the Tacoma area. For the past 11 months, high school and collegiate organized sports have been on pause in Tacoma due to the pandemic. As of now, Pierce county is in Phase 2 of the reopening guidelines which means low, moderate, and high-risk outdoor sport competitions are allowed with a maximum of 200 individuals, including players and spectators. Moving into Phase 2 has allowed the county’s athletic teams to resume regulated playing with their teammates.

Sport Activities Begin to Resume

The past few weeks have been exciting for the Tacoma sports scene. Teams are carefully returning to organized events while exercising Covid-19 precautions. Here at PSO, we are virtually cheering on our local teams that have started organized practices, scrimmages and games. Because a limited number of spectators are allowed at the games, we rely on our PSO physician, Dr. Vaughan, for updates on local sports teams and events.

Dr. Vaughan Lends a Helping Hand

Dr. Vaughan is a long time sports fan who volunteers his expertise to help Tacoma’s professional, collegiate and youth athletes. His knowledge of sports medicine has enabled him to assist players and help them maintain optimum physical health. He has worked with local teams such as the University of Puget Sound football team, the Tacoma Rainiers and youth teams at Peninsula and Gig Harbor high schools. Recently, Dr. Vaughan has been busy volunteering for the University of Puget Sound (UPS) football team. After a full day working with his PSO patients, Dr. Vaughan heads to the University of Puget Sound training room on Mondays to assist the athletes on the football team. During his visits to UPS, Dr. Vaughan  works with the athletes in person. However, Dr. Vaughan spends additional time helping out on his phone by answering calls and texts from the UPS training staff.

Season Opener for the University of Puget Sound

Earlier this month, Dr. Vaughan attended the season opener for the UPS Loggers football team. He was standing on the sidelines, ready to take action if a player was injured. The University of Puget Sound and Pacific Lutheran University football teams played against each other for the first time since 2019. The teams are crosstown rivals in the Tacoma area. UPS won 28-22, with the Loggers scoring a touchdown in the last two minutes of the game. This win marks the third game in a row that UPS has defeated their biggest rival. This season the University of Puget Sound will only be playing against Whitworth and Pacific Lutheran University. This is an effort to reduce the total number of players that come into contact with each other.

We Proudly Support Local Sports

Puget Sound Orthopaedics is dedicated to sponsoring the youth and collegiate sports teams in our area. We recognize how important sports are for our community. They teach our youth how to work as a team member, be leaders, and maintain good physical health through exercise. Tacoma is fortunate to have a community that encourages youth sports. We appreciate the coaches, physical trainers, team physicians and all who dedicate time to keep our players safe.


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