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Joyce Maiuri, MA Spotlight

If you were to walk into our Tacoma clinic bright and early on a Friday morning you would hear one of our medical assistants in the back pod singing her ‘Friday song’ and busting a move. This fun spirited woman is none other than Joyce Maiuri who is Dr. Yearian’s Medical Assistant and Surgery Scheduler. Her favorite part of her job is the people, “I take them under my wing; they are family.” Over her 4 years here she has taken on more job duties, enjoyed polishing up her surgery scheduling skills and has realized she is where she needs to be right now.

When Joyce isn’t in the office she is in her personal office; her own she shed. Equipped with a hot tub, pellet stove, wine cooler, and a TV; it is a miracle she leaves and willingly comes to work! She also enjoys spending time with her family where they have deemed her antics a ‘Joyceism.’ Her favorite vacation is too hard for her to pinpoint, she says “every one of them, whether on road trips or cruises. We have only about 5 states we haven’t visited.” Something that most people do not know about Joyce is that she is adopted.

If Joyce could switch lives with a cartoon character she would choose Sylvester the Cat because he is cute and devious at the same time. “If I could meet anyone I would meet Mac Davis – a singer that she used to really like; I went to his concert at the Puyallup Fair and he split his pants because they were too tight. But now I would say Keith Urban because I love watching him play his guitar.” Maybe if Keith hears your ‘Friday song’ he will invite you onto stage!

Thank you Joyce for everything you do here and we are hoping you can step foot into those last 5 states!


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