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Patient Accounts Spotlight

Our patient accounts team is unlike those at most other practices and hospitals. Aside from being absolutely incredible the patient accounts representatives take on everything from coding and charge posting to payment posting and accounts receivable. The department has fifteen women who work hard Monday through Friday and even occasionally on Saturdays. For their hard work and dedication they deserve a shout out to spotlight the challenges and rewards they encounter every day.

Throughout the course of the year our team processes and bill claims for both clinic visits and surgeries. The staggering amount in 2018 was 83,071 claims. This might lead you to expect one of the toughest parts of the job: calling insurance companies and patients to collect money for visits. It is never fun having to ask people for money.

Every job has rewarding aspects and with such a large crew each one has their own reward they find the best. Some like just knowing they’ve checked everything off their list, and some love the appreciation and gratitude of a satisfied patient when they’ve been helped. Others noted they love the trust and knowledge that their managers and leads give them to do their job and solve the various problems that occur on a daily basis.

The patient accounts team is one great, cohesive group that could not be more diverse. Outside of work their hobbies vary from riding motorcycles, interior decorating, karaoke, and playing the piano. All these things together make one crazy, fun, and hardworking bunch and their lead, Jessica Wagner, says that their strength is their teamwork. They help each other without even being asked, they look out for one another, and they know, most importantly, that they can ask each other questions and get the correct answer. It’s an amazing feat when they work in two different clinics and some even work from home.

Thank you, patient accounts, for all that you do at Puget Sound Orthopaedics.


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