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Philip Yearian DPM Spotlight

If there is one way to describe Dr. Philip Yearian it is that he is always on the go. Whether he’s running between clinics and hospitals or running between family and the track, Dr. Yearian is a man always in motion. It was actually this constant motion that steered him towards podiatry. From a young age Dr. Yearian was a swimmer, track and cross country runner. When he was in high school he suffered from Achilles Tendinitis and it was his experience with a physician’s lack of treatment and knowledge that eventually drew him in. It was from this incident that he learned how critical the absolute best care and treatment is. “The most rewarding part of the job is seeing someone who is in a low point in their life and hindered by an ailment or disability and to see them not even walk in the door on their first appointment, and on the last visit they are walking out under their own power.” Dr. Yearian also enjoys being a podiatrist as he does not have to worry about being on call, and this freedom allows him to spend more time with loves ones.

Spending time with family is Dr. Yearian’s ultimate activity so much so that his other hobbies revolve, stem, and take part in it. Dr. Yearian is a lover of sports and has coached his daughters’ soccer team and his sons’ basketball team. When he is at their games and events he gets to take on his own father’s profession of being a photographer. He loves to travel around the world with his family and says that his teenage son has already been to 18 countries. When I asked Dr. Yearian what his favorite place to visit is he replied, “I love to travel to obscure places that are not typically tourist destinations of Americans. My favorite place has to be Burma but I also really loved Bosnia. I like to stay in hostels and from there you get to really experience what it’s like to be someone from that country. It is a huge learning opportunity and opens your eyes to troubles in the world and makes you a kinder person.”

I asked Dr. Yearian if there was one activity he has always wanted to do he replied with helicopter skiing or parachuting. “I love sports that are thrilling, fast and a little dangerous.” He continued by saying when it comes to golf his attention quickly goes from the green to pranks and other shenanigans. For his next big travel plans he hopes to go to either Africa or South America and wants to see Machu Picchu. Of all the worldly cuisines he’s relished, Dr. Yearian’s favorite food is anything farm-to-table. If he ever had the chance to meet anyone he chose, he would like to meet Winston Churchill or the founding fathers as he would love to divulge into conversations of philosophy and politics with them.

It is a great opportunity for PSO to have a specialist provide such a high level of care for something he also struggled with. Dr. Yearian has now been running with Puget Sound Orthopaedics for the last three years and we are hoping for many more!


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