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PSO Appreciates our PAs!

At PSO your healthcare team may include a Physician Assistant (PA).   A PA is a nationally certified and state-licensed medical professional.  Our PA’s are an integral part of the delivery of your healthcare in a meaningful, timely fashion.  They perform many of the same duties as our surgeons including diagnosis and treatment of your condition, ordering tests and surgery, and prescribing medication as well as assisting in surgery.  At PSO, 9 of our physicians are assisted by a PA.  Maggie Rogers, PA-C has been working with Dr. Alan Thomas for the last 10 years.   According to Maggie, one of the greatest things about being a PA at PSO is the wide range of specialty care offered by our team of physicians.  Maggie states, “At PSO there are so many surgeons with subspecialties, we are able to route patients to the provider that can best serve their needs. It’s nice to work in a setting where I am confident patients are getting the best care available.”

PAs are fortunate to receive ongoing mentorship from a physician which helps consistently sharpen and improve their skills as medical providers.  Maggie explains how fortunate she feels to work alongside Dr. Thomas, “He has a positive outlook on life that is contagious, which is invaluable to patients that are facing difficult problems. He has always been the best kind of teacher, mentor and friend; he has high expectations while being kind, patient and encouraging.  He manages to make work fun and I can honestly say I enjoy coming to work every day—what a gift!”

Trustworthy Healthcare

PAs are trusted by their supervising providers to aid in the care of patients every day.  Whether they are assisting in surgery, working in clinic or making post-op calls to check the wellbeing of their patients, PAs are absolutely vital to our organization.  In fact, studies by the American Academy of Physician Assistants (AAPA) have shown that PAs help reduce hospital readmission rates, lengths of stay and infection rates.  A 2014 survey showed that 93% of polled patients who received care from a PA agreed that PAs are trustworthy healthcare providers.  While in clinic, PSO PAs see approximately 15 to 20 patients per day and assist in surgery at least 2 days per week.

If your PSO surgeon is unavailable for an appointment, a PA will likely have openings so you can be seen as quickly as possible.  If you wish to make an appointment at one of our 3 clinic locations, please call our main office at 253-582-7257.


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