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Sandy Yoeun Spotlight

Sandy Yoeun had a very early start with Puget Sound Orthopaedics; in fact, it was so early that we were called Lakewood Orthopaedic Surgeons at the time of her start in 2007. Sandy was in between jobs when she saw that Clover Park was offering free medical billing that was taught by none other than our recent retiree and Business Office Director Deborah DeVeaux. That early connection brought Sandy to work with us, and from there her career took off. She first worked as an authorization coordinator, surgery scheduler, and then made her way into billing to become a coder. “I’ve learned tons from working here,” Sandy ponders, “and the biggest probably is what a medical office goes through on a day-to-day basis just for one appointment.” Her favorite part of her position is her coworkers.

When she is not working Sandy is a full-time mom, a job that never really ends. She has four kids; her youngest is three and her oldest is 20. “For some reason we just started over but at least I have babysitters now!” Sandy loves spending time with her family and enjoys cooking and going to the park when the weather allows. Her favorite trip she has ever been on was to Universal Studios to see Hogwarts where she donned her biggest smile ever. If she were to choose her house she would hope for Gryffindor. And there is one thing most people don’t know about the seemingly shy Sandy: she is actually quite outspoken.

When Sandy was a child her dream job was to be a doctor or a nurse but when she was 13 she saw blood and quickly realized that it was not a career option for her. Lucky for us we still got her in the medical field! If Sandy could be any cartoon character she would want to be a Care Bear because of the love they expel from their stomachs. Sticking with the fuzzy theme of animals, if given the choice between being a tiny elephant or a giant hamster Sandy picked being a gigantic hamster. “They have hair and I get cold really easily.”

Thank you, Sandy, for sticking around for so long and being a constant help in our organization! We are excited to recognize you!


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