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Sara Alexandre MA Spotlight

Sara Alexandre is an employee at Puget Sound Orthopaedics who is consistently on her feet. She is the medical assistant for Dr. Martin and the back office lead for the Tacoma and Gig Harbor offices making her rather busy. Just shy of five years ago Sara joined our team and began working with a high-in-demand spine surgeon and when she mastered that she became his surgery scheduler. As Sara balanced more and more work duties she joined our leadership team. Not only does her role allow her to give care to her patients, but now she can help her peers accomplish their goals, work together and provide better care themselves. “I think we have the best people that work at PSO.  We are a team through and through and it makes coming to work very enjoyable.”

Surprisingly, when Sara is not working she is still on her feet. She enjoys hiking, traveling and spending time with her family. Her favorite vacation is when she traveled to Cancun. “We got to visit Tulum on a day trip and see the Mayan ruins. It was really hot that day but the water was a beautiful turquoise and it was breathtaking. Then we got to take a boat to the Isla Mujeres and ride around in golf carts.” Something most people do not know about Sara is that she is the fifth child in a family with eight kids. Her husband on the other hand is an only child.

If given a chance Sara would like to be Saint Mother Teresa for a day to see what a typical day in the life was like for someone who gave their whole life to helping those less fortunate. If she could be a cartoon character she would like to be one of the Jetsons because they have flying cars, robots and houses in the sky. Sara’s dream job as a child was to be a ballet dancer but after seeing slides under a microscope she realized she was more fascinated by biology and science.

Thank you, Sara, for everything you do here at Puget Sound Orthopaedics. We have enjoyed seeing you grow and take on what the practice throws at you.



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