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Spotlight on Nyline Barron

With her four year mark just around the corner Nyline Barron is looking forward to another year at Puget Sound Orthopaedics. All her time here has been spent working at our front desk in Lakewood greeting patients and getting to know them. “I like interacting with patients and getting to know them on a personal level because it makes their experience with us a better one,” and as the first employee most people see when they come in for an appointment she is great at putting a smile on their face. Nyline said she’s grown so much here as she has had duties that she’s never had the opportunity to do before and she has learned how to communicate better. “I’ve learned to say I’m sorry and to be humbled which is a difficult thing for people,” she laughs. Her toughest challenge is one that she has given herself: learning and remembering all the faces and names of our patients.

When asked what she does for fun Nyline responds, “Well I’m a mother of two so I’ve learned to enjoy carpooling and finding time for myself when my boys are at Judo and football.” One thing that Nyline has made a habit of during her free time is working out and over her time doing that she has lost an astounding 47 pounds! “Netflix and Hulu have also become a fun activity. I like to binge watch movies and TV shows.” Nyline’s favorite vacation is one that she did just this last summer where she traveled Europe visiting France and Spain, places she describes as “surreal”. Nyline also says that most people do not know she loves history, has six siblings, and from 8th to 12th grade she was on the varsity basketball team. Does anyone know if the Seattle Storm is looking for playmakers?

When asked what one thing Nyline always wanted she replied “a daughter.” Nyline’s dream job would be a neo-natal nurse to help with premature babies as she was one herself. If she were to be any kitchen utensil she cleverly answered, “a spork, they’re versatile.” If she could be any cartoon character she would be Raven from Teen Titans Go; “I like her, she’s cool with snarky banter.”

But don’t let the broody Raven fool you, Nyline is a joyful person, even bright and early in the morning. We appreciate having her as one of the faces of PSO to greet everyone who comes in.


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