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Spotlight on Juli Cella

Juli Cella has worked in our organization longer than some people have been alive. She’s going on a whopping twenty-five years in June; that’s a quarter of a century! “Truth is I really enjoy what I do. I love my job,” Juli tells me. Juli is Dr. Gray’s Medical Assistant and Surgery Scheduler. She loves making new friends and enjoys helping her patients.

Outside of being in an office you can probably find Juli, well, outside. She loves to go camping, and she chases the heat by going to the Oregon Dunes and over the mountains into Eastern Washington. “Give me some sun, country music, and my family and I will have all I need,” she tells me. What does she do in the winter when she cannot chase the heat? Juli likes to hunt which is something that most people do not know about her.  During the wintertime Juli hunts for elk. Her favorite vacation of all was her trip to Cozumel, Mexico because tropical beaches and the weather were heaven for her. Her next trip she has planned is to Italy with her daughter which she is happily looking forward to.

When Juli first discovered she was going to be interviewed for our spotlight she responded, “I hope you can make me sound fun, I’m rather boring.” We came up with some fun questions and one was “what is your favorite song?, and she replied with “Purple Rain” by Prince. Juli said that she always wanted to meet Prince or at least see him on tour. Given the choice of being an actor or a musician Juli replied she would love to be a musician, probably just so she could have met Prince. If Juli were to be any animal she would like to be a house cat; “They get to sleep all day, and people pet you and prepare your food.” I wonder how her dog feels about that?

If Juli could be any superhero she would like to be Wonder Woman which is quite believable as she has been doing wonderful things for the last twenty-five years: helping her peers, her patients, and our organization. Thank you for everything you do, Juli!


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