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Spotlight on Natasha McColm

Eight years ago Natasha started at Puget Sound Orthopaedics as a medical assistant and in 2016 she became our Clinical Director. She has consistently proven to us again and again why we wanted her in that position in the first place. “I enjoy interacting with patients and being a part of their care but also advocating for my team,” she tells me. Natasha has appreciated her growth here saying she has worked hard for her position and has grown in confidence and in having her own voice. “I like working in orthopedics because I wanted to help people, but in orthopedics you can see the process and effects of care and that it is truly working.”

Natasha and hard work might as well be synonymous with one another because it doesn’t stop after-hours. She loves being outdoors hiking, and gardening, and when Washington weather does not allow it she enjoys painting with water color and acrylic. Natasha has a real passion for cooking and has an extensive palate when it comes to different types of food; in fact, if Natasha could have her own business she would like to own a restaurant.

Natasha’s favorite trip she has ever been on was to Georgia to see her family. When I told her that’s not the most exotic trip I’ve heard of she explained “I love spending time with my family and I grew up on Guam.” Natasha graduated from high school at the age of 16 and at 17 was living in Idaho for college where she finally experienced snow for the first time. Imagine the shock being pulled out of a tropical paradise and being dropped into waist deep snow. Snowed-in at college, Natasha joined clubs such as fencing and cooking.

Speaking of school, Natasha said that if she could be anyone for a day she would like to switch places with Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter series so she can experience Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. One could only imagine her waiting on her eleventh birthday for her acceptance letter. Natasha has a dog named Charlie whom she loves dearly but if she could have any kind of animal for a pet she would choose a panda based on how cute the animals are. If she was a new addition to the crayon box she would want to be a color that was bright and fun, like turquoise because “it’s outside the box and not an ordinary crayon.” It is this bright, unique personality that we love here at the office! Whether she is teaming up with crayons, pandas, her fellow peers, or patients, Natasha’s presence is always welcome and felt when she’s at the office.

Thank you for your fantastic work and continuing to show it every day! Cheers to many more years!


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