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Spotlight on the PSO Imaging Department

Our X-ray Equipment Has Gone DIGITAL!

PSO is proud to announce all three of our clinics now utilize digital x-ray equipment.  Patients who require x-rays will get the same, outstanding care they have always received from our x-ray techs—but now with HALF the radiation.  Kelly Corrigan, PSO’s Imaging Department Supervisor, helps explain this updated technology: “Digital radiography or DR is the latest and greatest thing in the world of imaging. With DR we can use significantly less radiation on our patients. This is because the technology is so sensitive that it takes much less radiation to create a high quality x-ray image within seconds of exposure.”   When you have an injury that requires imaging, you’ll be in great hands at PSO.  As Kelly reflects, “We have the most intelligent, caring, conscientious staff. They are always concerned with protecting our patients and keeping them comfortable and happy.”

Not only will your x-ray be completed with outstanding care and the utmost efficiency—so will your MRI.  Puget Sound Imaging (or PSI), located at the Tacoma Puget Sound Orthopaedics location, is home to a 1.5T Siemens Espree short bore magnet.  The short, wide design allows for the highest level of comfort and helps reduce claustrophobia.  Our MRI techs take the time to understand your medical history and position you in the magnet to ensure the highest imaging quality while keeping you as comfortable as possible.  PSI is conveniently open Monday to Friday from 7 am to 7 pm to accommodate our patients’ busy schedules.

Integrated & Efficient Treatment Planning

With the help of the imaging department, your diagnostics—both x-ray and MRI—will be processed and forwarded to your physician in a timely manner.  Heidi Wilson, a receptionist at Puget Sound Imaging, explains how important this is: “This efficiency gives our doctors and patients their diagnostic test results and follow up appointments quickly for treatment planning.”  Our technologists play an integral part in the care of our patients. MRI Technologist Kristin Corner explains that they “[help] people find answers to their pain and discomfort.”

Many patients visit our imaging departments in preparation for surgery.  Jessica Clark, an X-ray Technologist, finds participating in the patient’s journey to recovery very gratifying.  “I once met a patient with an intense femoral fracture and I x-rayed him in a gurney. Several months later he walked in to x-ray on his own!”

A Decade of Growth

When you consider how much PSO’s imaging department has grown and changed in the last decade, you can’t help but be impressed.  Ten years ago, we had one office and 2 x-ray technologists.  Today, we have 3 offices, 3 digital x-ray machines, an MRI facility and 10 fantastic Imaging Department members!  If you or a family member is seeking care for an orthopaedic injury, call our office at 253-582-7257 for an appointment.  If diagnostic imaging is required, you can rest assured; you will be in GREAT hands.

Article written by Leslie Kelling


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