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Spotlight on Stephanie Gomez

“Loyalty is a very defining trait and I really appreciate those who show that,” Stephanie Gomez told me. She continually proves her loyalty to Puget Sound Orthopaedics as she will hit her eight year milestone this upcoming November. Stephanie Gomez is our Medical Records Lead taking on the task of supervising the department over three different locations. “I love the people I work with; the staff that surrounds me is amazing,” she tells me. Working here she has gained lots of new experiences and knowledge but her most treasured findings have been the lifetime friendships she has made. Over the years Stephanie feels she has evolved entirely from when she first started. She is much more strong emotionally and more confident in her work productivity and in herself.

Who Stephanie surrounds herself with is very important. “I like to be around people,” she says. Her favorite way to spend her time is with her son and daughter who won’t stop growing. She loves to go to concerts, travel to the beach and visit family. The bulk of her family lives in Texas and she takes every opportunity to visit saying it is her favorite trip she takes. One of the best things about it is the food – she loves the real homemade Mexican food. Stephanie loves to make enchiladas but when she does not want to cook you’ll find her hunting down some pizza. “Pizza is my spirit animal. I used to have a shirt that said that on it,” she says proudly, and can you blame her, it’s the prince of pies!

If Stephanie could be any animal she would be a lion because “they are leaders of the pack.” I asked if animals could talk who did she think would be the rudest and she replied, “Crows. They walk around like they own the place! You’ll be driving and they won’t even get out of the road.” She doesn’t think all birds are bad, though; if she could be any cartoon character it would be the Road Runner from Looney Tunes. If she had the choice to discover either aliens or Big Foot she would choose Big Foot; maybe that is because she wants to bird watch in the woods with it? Her favorite animal is her dog Scooby, a giant among lab and retriever mixes, but a gentle giant.

Thank you Stephanie for all the hard work you do. We don’t say it enough but we appreciate the eight years you given us and cheers to another eight!


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