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Time to Dust off that 10-Speed!

Speed, excitement, camaraderie, cardiovascular fitness, beautiful Pacific NW scenery… these are a just a few reasons bicycling was celebrated in Tacoma over the past 3 weeks. Why? Because May is BIKE MONTH! For the past 10 years, the City of Tacoma has celebrated Bike Month with bike-related activities and events. Included in the calendar of events are the Annual Bike Swap, Bike Everywhere Challenge, Mama & Baby Ride with Kidical Mass and Trails and Ales—just to name a few of the fun activities!

At Puget Sound Orthopaedics, our specialists dedicate their careers to helping patients take care of their bones and joints. On their off time, several of our providers take care of their own bones and joints by bicycling! Biking is great exercise that is gentle on your hips, beneficial for your joint health and helps preserve cartilage.

Dr. John Jiganti, a lower extremity specialist, has been biking for 32 years! On the benefits of biking, Dr. Jiganti says, “The benefit of cycling is of course exercise, but [it’s] also easier on the knees and you can cover more territory and get outdoors.” There are bike-friendly, safe trails all over the Tacoma area and across the entire state. Tiffany Yan, PA-C shared her favorite places to bike: “I like to bike from downtown Tacoma to the Point Defiance 5-mile drive. I also like to bike from downtown Tacoma and across the bridge to Gig Harbor to the Cushman Trail.”

If you’re looking for a way start biking and enjoy the healthy benefits but don’t know where to start then Tiffany has a very helpful suggestion. “There are many free riding groups that meet about once a week in the area including Tacoma Bike on 6th Avenue.” Not only is biking a great way to get outside, it’s a great way to expand your horizons and meet new friends! Whether you’re enjoying Downtown Tacoma, beautiful Point Defiance, or trekking mountain trails, Tiffany adds, “Bicycling is a sport that you can enjoy alone, with a friend, or with a group.”

Dr. Michael Martin, a spine surgeon, has enjoyed the benefits of biking since 1988. While he also recognizes the important cardiovascular benefits of biking, the greatest benefits he personally gets are “mental and emotional.” Dr. Martin sums up one of the most important reasons to bike, and points out the heart of why Bike Month is celebrated in Tacoma, because “it’s just fun, like being a kid again!”

For more information about Bike Month in the City of Tacoma, visit www.BIKE253.com.

This article was written by Leslie Kelling


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