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Medical Records

At Proliance, we’re committed to maintaining the privacy of your health information. Please feel free to review our full PRIVACY PRACTICES.

At the corporate office we can provide copies of medical and billing records, as well as imaging. However, the corporate office doesn’t manage all request types.

Please send all continuity of care requests, L&I requests, balance verifications and other billing correspondence directly to the CARE CENTER.

Please contact the CARE CENTER directly for continuity of care records.

Please send medical records requests to MEDICALRECORDS@PROLIANCESURGEONS.COM

If you require balance verifications or direct contact with a provider, please contact the CARE CENTER DIRECTLY.

As one of our patients, you may request a copy of your health information at any time.

How to Request Access to Your Medical Records

  • Complete this ONLINE FORM with direct submission to the Medical Records team. Or complete the following:

  • Your Proliance Care Center may have a patient portal allowing you to obtain a digital copy of your medical records. Please contact the CARE CENTER DIRECTLY.


If you have any questions about a pending request you’ve made, please feel free to email us.

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