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Medical illustration shows the difference between a normal toe and a hammer toe

Hammer Toe


Hammer toe can be a painful condition caused by an imbalance in your foot and step.  Shoes, especially shoes with tight toe beds, can negatively impact toes and cause hammer toes.

Hammer toes are exactly what they sound like. Hammer toes bend in a shape similar to the shape of a hammer.  Hammer toes are almost always your middle, or 2,3,4 toes.

Therapies for Hammer Toes

If a toe is bent and forced into a bent position for long enough, the small muscles in the toe contract and are not easily straightened.  If you catch hammer toe issues early, a blend of therapeutic exercises and healthy shoe choices can deliver lasting relief.

To start, our podiatrist meets with you to gain an understanding of the extent of the hammer toe injury.  Then, an approach to treatment is recommended. It may include exercise you can do at home, wearable therapies, and physical therapy. There is a good chance you will need to return to our office for a follow up visit to monitor progress and hammer toe resolution.

Hammer Toe Surgery

When conservative measures fail to correct or provide pain relief for your hammer toes, surgery may be considered. Hammer toe surgery is an outpatient procedure. During hammer toe surgery only a local anesthetic is needed.

You may need to rest and elevate your affected foot for a while after surgery. It is important to avoid strenuous exercise while your toes are healing. Your surgeon will provide specific directions for best healing practices and be available for follow up care and communication.

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